Salt Point

       34 scenic acres of historic Cayuga Lake shoreline

• Explore the trails and enjoy the beautiful lake views.
• See the Ospreys, bluebirds, ducks, Great Blue Herons, and many more birds. Over 230 bird species have been recorded in the Salt Point vicinity since 2012!
• Enjoy native plants, including a rainbow of wildflowers, and the colorful butterflies and other insects they attract.
• Discover Lansing history and the lost days of Libertyville and International Salt Company.
• Bring a picnic, fishing gear, and binoculars. Dogs on leashes welcome.

CedarWaxwing.smKnown locally for many years as UC Point, Salt Point is leased by Lansing from New York. Local officials, Friends of Salt Point, Cayuga Bird Club, and other volunteers are currently restoring the natural beauty of this scenic peninsula by adding walking trails, native trees and shrubs, and vital wildlife habitat.

From 1892 until 1962, the International Salt Company operated a large plant here to produce fine table salt and other salt products. The plant employed many Lansing residents and attracted new immigrants. Read our History of SP.Historic.SaltPlant.smallSalt Point to learn more about the area's fascinating past. (Photo: Lansing Historical Association)

Salt Point is now a quiet place to wander, explore, discover, and enjoy the scenic shores of Cayuga Lake.

Volunteers make Salt Point even better. You can help!

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Salt Point News

Speaker: Cayuga Lake's Sturgeons 
Aquatic Biologist, Emily Zollweg-Horan, will present "Relicts from the Dinosaur Age: Cayuga Lake's Sturgeons" on Tuesday, Feb 6 at 7 p.m., Lansing Town Hall. Free and open to all.

Show your love of the Point!
Beautiful Salt Point ball caps and winter knit caps are available. Available from Lansing Town Recreation Department or People's Market in Lansing. Makes a great gift.

Volunteers are needed:  Help maintain and improve Salt Point. Email for more information.

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